First posting time. Welcome to the blog. Probably you’ve navigated here from our web-page, but if not, then a little introduction about what our site is all about, is probably in order.

Through you can create a personalised playlist of every song which was no. 1 on your Birthday, from the day you were born, until today.

At the moment, we list the UK number 1 songs and we take these songs from the official UK Charts Website. We plan soon to include other country charts, so stay posted peeps.

You can listen to your playlist for free in your web-browser through YouTube videos, or for 79 pence, you can send your Birthday Songs to Spotify as a playlist. You can then listen to those songs through Spotify and download them to listen offline or share with a friend. Spotify is free, but you’ll need a Spotify account.

So why not get your party started with your own personalised and unique Birthday track listing.

Have fun!


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