About My Birthday Songlist

My Birthday Songlist

...the origin story

Ever wondered what was the number one song on your birthday?

We did. And that's what started MyBirthdaySonglist.com.
During a beery night with amongst friends, we spent an evening creating a playlist for a wife's 40th birthday. It featured every song which was number 1 on all her Birthdays.
It took too long, and we thought, 'there must be a better way of doing this?'...

From this hazy evening, MyBirthdaySonglist.com was born.

So now, if you're looking to create a personalised playlist for a friend, relative, or yourself, just add in their date of birth and KAZAAM! you've got their birthday playlist on YouTube.
Even better you can send that playlist to Spotify and then download it, or share it from there.

So personalise your party with the ultimately unique Birthday Playlist.